Arthur Dolgopolov

Economist, post-doc at Uni Bielefeld, Institut für Mathematische Wirtschaftsforschung (IMW)


Reinforcement Learning in a Prisoner's Dilemma - Games and Economic Behavior, 2024

final version (in Open Access)  

Assignment Markets: Theory and Experiments - forthcoming in European Economic Review, 2024

(with Cesar Martinelli, Daniel Houser and Thomas Stratmann)

Working paper  Appendix (Exp. Instructions) 

Working papers

Learning in Markets

(with Cesar Martinelli)

Working paper  

Reconstructing Strategies in Dynamic Games

(with Mikhail Freer)

Working Paper 

Revealed Social Preferences

(with Mikhail Freer)

Working paper 

Work in progress

Tractable Auctions and Existence of Competitive Equilibria

Mechanism Design with Memory and no Money

Bayesian Nash Revealed

(with Mikhail Freer and Marco Castillo)

Combinatorial Auction with Public Goods

(with Daniel Houser and Weiwei Zheng)